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Infidelity: 4 reasons women cheat

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Let’s face it: cheating has always been about searching for something one lacks. The society remains oblivious of the uncourteous behaviour of the many men who cheat invariably every day.

Women who cheat are branded as the devil’s agents, regardless of whether their reasons are  ‘legitimate.’

Yes, legitimate.

Below are 4 legitimate reasons women cheat.

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Repetition of the same sex position, in the same environment, makes the sexual encounter boring; it sucks the juice out of the act.

Couples can revive their sex life by subscribing to some variety in sexual positions.

Out of the box locations are also definitely a great way to spice things up and create some awesome memories.

Having a sexual encounter in a new location gets your adrenaline pumping, which helps you get even more aroused than usual, making those thrilling experiences unforgettable.

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Some women find it difficult to forgive after being cheated. For those of you who have been cheated on, you know how awful it feels: you feel deceived, hurt, angry, sad and even violated. It also affects your self-esteem.

The very moment you find out that your man has cheated, your whole body begins to shake, you begin to sweat, your stomach drops, and you feel nauseated.

The pain and betrayal you feel can inspire infidelity. Cheating then becomes a solution.

But the biggest truth is that cheating never solves a relationship problem. Communication, assertiveness and increasing passion and romance are much better solutions.

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Some women engage in extramarital affairs when they are not given the needed attention and care they desire from their husbands.

Irrespective of how busy one might be at work, spending some intimate moments with your partner is a mandatory responsibility.

Travelling together, having dinners, going to the movies and doing other things together in romantic ways, spruces up the relationship and fosters trust.

Some women find solace in other men when they feel lonely. This isn’t rocket science. And this, as expected, can lead to cheating and eventually, even divorce; when the bond between them and their extra-marital/relationship partners deepens.

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Women are always eager to please men when they are in a relationship.

Cooking a romantic dinner, buying sexy lingerie, and listening with your heart, are just a few ways you may show your love and appreciation.

However, some men fail to appreciate the tender, loving care bestowed on them by their partners.

We all have thresholds, and once yours is reached, you may decide to act on a simple “thank you, please,” or a complex “I love you,” coming from another direction. Let your man know he may lose you if he continues to take you for granted.


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